Time to Act

Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) represent a fundamental shift in how financial products are issued and distributed to retail consumers.

Get organised for DDO now with solution trusted by leading Australian organisations.  

Built for Versatility

Regardless of organisation type or industry, Affirmative.ai provides a comprehensive software suite for the collection and analysis of your product data.

  • Real-time visibility

    Monitor every product, every TMD and every non-compliance across your organisation. Our configurable dashboard provides accurate feedback in real time.

  • Accessible

    Provide third-party access to allow product owners to enter data directly into your system. No more multiple entries, work offline in remote locations. 

  • Efficient

    Replace inefficient, unreliable manual and spreadsheet based workflows with automated robust processes

  • Flexible

    Configure and customise workflows and reports to meet the specific needs of your organisation - whether commercial, government or representative.

  • Mobile

    Cloud-based technology and a full suite of cross-platform mobile applications ensure data is captured once, at the point of entry - whether in the office or on-the-go.

  • Scalable

    Industrial-scale application to suit small stand-alone businesses through to international corporations and peak bodies.

  • Secure

    Our software and all data is stored on your internal servers and/or using secure cloud-based data storage. Mobile apps are also fully secure.

  • Collaborative

    An end-to-end solution that breaks down silos, improving risk visibility, reducing duplication and building a proactive, collaborative approach across departments.

  • Configurable

    Using the existing library of pre-built questionnaires to get started. Customise questionnaires by location and/or department. Manage customisations centrally with instant roll out to browser-based and mobile auditing tools.

  • Automate reporting

    Receive routine exception reports automatically, customised to your requirements. Reports can be generated and circulated specific to department and location with summary reports for head office.

Connect. Report. Comply.

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